Find balance in your yoga practice and your life by connecting with nature and the cycle of the seasons. Work with the prevalent energy of each season and develop an authentic practice that makes you happier and healthier. Learn how to best work with the challenges and opportunities present throughout the wheel of the year. Explore mindfulness exercises, visualizations, meditations, and yoga poses and sequences that are specially designed for each season. 

Hi, I’m Jilly Shipway

I’m a writer and qualified yoga teacher with over thirty years teaching experience. I’m the author of Yoga Through the Year, Yoga by the Stars, and most recently, Chakras for Creativity.

I’ve created this online school to provide courses and workbooks that will empower you to creatively integrate seasonal wisdom into your yoga practice and life. I am also offering year-round Seasonal Yoga resources for yoga teachers.

I also offer a course for people who want to write about yoga. The course helps writers to establish good foundations for their writing, enhance their wellbeing, and acquire the skills that can lead to publication.

Over the next few months, I will be adding workbooks for all the seasons and more resources for teachers. So, do come back often to check out what’s new. Or sign up for my newsletter on my Yoga Through the Year website and get fantastic discounts on courses.

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Jilly Shipway is a writer and a qualified yoga teacher with over thirty years teaching experience. Jilly is the author of Yoga Through the YearYoga by the Stars, and most recently, Chakras for Creativity: Meditations & Yoga-Based Practices to Awaken Your Creative Potential. She regularly contributes to various magazines and yoga publications.

Yoga Through the Year

Study with the author

Here's what people had to say about my Yoga Through the Year book:
"I found this book so inspiring and it has had a big impact on me. It has helped me to bring my daily yoga practice into a more integrated and balanced practice that is inclusive of the Earth and the seasonal flow of life. Reading this book has empowered me to approach my yoga practice more creatively, with sensitivity to how I am feeling and in alignment with the season. It brings me into greater harmony with myself and into greater balance with the Earth around me."

Glennie Kindred, author of Earth Wisdom

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Praise for Jilly's Online Workbooks

“Having read the brilliant 'Yoga Through the Year' book I was intrigued to try out the Summer Solstice unit of Jilly's online Seasonal Yoga course. What appealed particularly was the self-study aspect - I love learning, always have my nose in a yoga book and was keen to enrich my experience of seasonal yoga. This flexibility means that I can access the course when it suits me and for as much or as little time as I have available - I'll often pause part-way through a unit, make a note of the meditation questions and mull them over for a few days before coming back to the course later. The short, carefully crafted modules will fit into the smallest of windows and there is plenty of new material which is not included in the 'Yoga Through the Year' book. 


The layout is visually beautiful and very appealing - the lovely illustrations, colourful photos and short video clips really draw you in. I treated myself to a pretty notebook in which I record nuggets from the course, alongside my own observations, reflections and ideas. I'll often come back to these during the week to remind myself of what I have written or to include the suggestions in my home practice... I have found the course both stimulating and therapeutic and it has enabled me to become my own life coach by using Jilly's wise and gentle prompts. If you have been considering trying the course, I would say don't hesitate! I am sure you will love it as much as I do.”

Judy Brenan, British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

Becoming a Yoga Writer

Online 12-week Course

Liberate Your Inner Writer!

This course will help you establish a personal meditative writing practice to promote wellbeing and access a deep source of inner wisdom that turbo charges your creativity. This is combined with acquiring writing skills to give you more confidence as a writer.

 Become the writer you want to be! Deepen your experience of writing as a meditative practice. And acquire the skills that lead to you becoming a published writer.

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Spring Equinox & Yoga Online Workbook

This course will enable you to create balance in your life. Set your intentions to take advantage of the fertile growing season energy. Blossom into your full potential. Find calm amidst the frenetic energy of the season. And create yoga practices inspired by the Spring Equinox.

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Seasonal Yoga & Wheel of the Year Resources for Teachers

Jilly Shipway, bestselling author and yoga teacher shares with you her teaching notes for yoga sessions inspired by the Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice, & Spring Equinox; as well as for the Celtic festivals that celebrate the seasonal transition points of ImbolcBeltaneLammas, & Samhain. In this bundle you will find 8 files, each file contains seasonally-inspired yoga practices, meditations, inspiring readings, & seasonal meditation questions.

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Seasonal Yoga an Introduction

Connect with the cycle of the seasons to find balance in your life

This free mini-course gives you a comprehensive guide to the seasonal yoga approach and furnishes you with all the background information that you need to progress on to one of my Yoga Through the Year paid courses. I invite you, to take the first step towards increasing your seasonal awareness and empowering yourself to creatively integrate seasonal wisdom into your yoga practice and life.

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Find balance in your yoga practice and your life

Connect with nature and the cycle of the seasons