Chakras for Creativity

Your tutor, Jilly Shipway, is a qualified yoga teacher with over thirty years teaching experience. She has studied the chakras and integrated chakra-inspired yoga practices into her own home practice and her yoga classes for over twenty years. Jilly is the author of Yoga Through the Year, Yoga by the Stars, and most recently, Chakras for Creativity: Meditations & Yoga-Based Practices to Awaken Your Creative PotentialShe regularly contributes to various publications including the Yoga Magazine, Spirit and Destiny magazine, Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook, and Llewellyn’s Moon Sign Book. 

Walk Your Way to Happiness!

Walking Meditation is one of the best ways I know to relieve stress and calm an anxious mind. It’s ideally suited for those times when you want to meditate but don’t want to spend more time sitting still. It’s also a way of getting some gentle exercise. Many people find it’s a way of freeing up their ideas and of magically finding creative solutions to difficult problems.

           At times of uncertainty, when we feel insecure, our overactive mind unrelentingly turns problems over and over, trying to resolve them, and our energy tends to get stuck in our head. This heady energy makes us disassociate from our body, making us feel stuck and disconnected from the flow of life. Walking Meditation, as explained in this course, is the perfect antidote to this as it brings our awareness back down from the head, into our body, and to the feet, and in doing so grounds us. Once we feel grounded, we regain clarity, we’re more able to cope with challenges, and life is flowing again.

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7 Chakra-Inspired walking Meditations

Below is an outline of the 7 Chakra Walking Meditations that we will be covering on this course:

Root Chakra: Awareness of the feet and contact with the earth when walking. Walk as if your feet are kissing the earth.

Sacral Chakra: Walking with breath awareness and seeking out what you find pleasurable.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Solar-powered walking meditation, with Sun visualisation, to build confidence and to promote a sunny attitude.

Heart Chakra: Compassionate walking meditation, extending love and compassion to yourself and others as you walk.

Communication Chakra: Mindfulness of sound walking meditation.

Third Eye Chakra: Slow, mindful walking, appreciating the beauty around you and looking with fresh eyes.

Crown Chakra: Blissful walking meditation, honing your capacity to find joy in a million, small, everyday experiences. 

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